Creating an atmosphere of love

This is the foremost intent in the kindergarten. The feeling of love must permeate in the environment between the teacher and the children, the parent, the fellow colleagues and other adults in the environment including helpers. Here are some practices, rituals, conversations for teachers that promote the feeling of love towards children
• Every Day, the teacher invokes every child in the group in her prayers during bed time and in morning meditation.
• The morning greeting is a meaningful ritual and the teacher shall receive the child with reverence and love each morning.
• The manner in which the teacher behaves with the child will speak of love. Like for instance, a gentle massage, contact with the eye, embracing the child etc.
• The teacher speaks clearly but gently and firmly using a soft tone while addressing the child.
• Being responsible and accepting of all the children in the group irrespective of their backgrounds, difficulties etc.
• Sensitive to the needs of the child and attention and care to changes in the life of the child.
• Ownership & responsibility for each child’s wellbeing and growth.

While we create an atmosphere of love, it is also important for the children to experience order and beauty in the external environment. We will read more on this in the next blog.

Aparna Shastri

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