If I had to choose one value, that is important to have in life, I would choose gratitude. And I try to share my feeling of being thankful with my children too, whenever possible. Children find it easier to thank Mother Nature but many a times forgot the numerous hands and hearts that has made our lives so comfortable, safe and rich. The festival of Harvest and thanksgiving to Sun God is celebrated in our school every year. We went for a Farm walk, identified all the crops, walked in the oozy, muddy, clayey soil in the dug out canal…The life of farmer, which is full of hard work, the work of earthworms, the rain, the warm sunshine and many more things that happens, so that our plates are filled with blessings from Mother Earth….when I asked children to articulate what fascinated them some responses were ‘how difficult is the life of farmer to walk upon thorns be bitten by ants,’ ‘how 8 kgs of onion can yield 100 kgs of onion?’ ‘how can a tiny seed of tomato grow and give so many tomatoes’ ‘why did anna say that seeds that get carried away by wind and planted grow stronger than what we plant,’…We also read ‘Thanksgiving to Mother Nature’ a Native American Prayer and children made their own posters of what they want to thank the Great Spirit for.

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