Home is where the heart is

‘A house is built of brick and stones whereas a home is built with love and care,’ this is very befitting for the lessons that we are exploring in Science this month – Houses. We went for a Nature walk and looked around for various animal homes – the tiny cracks in the walls, the small holes by the trees, the spider webs, and materials used in building houses by human beings. Children also tried to make simple nests with dry leaves and realised with great admiration, how the birds are able to build it with just their beaks! There was huge excitement when children brought bedsheets, plastic sheets and poles to make their own tents! When we were reading the poem around what makes a home different from a house, a child asked, ‘is our school a house or home?’ and another child replied ‘It is a home, because there are so many of us and we all love and take care of each other with kindness,’ – it was very touching and memorable moment, for me, their teacher.

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