“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”
― Muriel RukeyserIMG_20151128_125339941

One of our most treasured rituals is our story time. We try to introduce the children to the magical territory of stories as often as possible. For our Literary Fest they were introduced to the big stories of the world and to books but we haven’t stopped after the Literary Fest. We continued to introduce them to stories, to the tiny ones with little words and big meanings. Together we travelled to space and wrote letters to the earth, telling her what we saw when we looked at her from space. We learned about the invention of printed books and printed something, with the help of a potato into the Literary Fest Story Booklet. We also learned about the origin of happiness: if you want to feel happy you have to make angels tickle your heart (ask your child how you can make the angels tickle your heart). Our stories create feelings. Feelings of happiness, gratitude and most importantly they help us bond outside of our academic pursuit.


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