You could be a painter, a musician, designer, researcher, economist, philosopher, poet, scientist or an architect.

All you need to have is passion for children and for the cause of bringing in change in education.

You need to be driven to make that change.

You will get an environment that is vibrant, charged, high energy and without the constraints of too much rules and hierarchies and with abundant love from children.

We are looking for teachers from across disciplines to join us. Both in our Kindergarten and in our Grade Campus. Anyone who is interested can download the Teacher Reflection Form and send it to us careers@yellowtrainschool.com.



A person with love and warmth who can provide a secure and comforting environment for the unhurried childhood to happen. A person who can be the one the children tell their secrets to, the one who calms them when they are disturbed. A person who can tell stories, sing songs, smile and be the adult worthy of imitation.

This is our Kindergarten Teacher



Love, Passion, Connection, Striving and Excellence - these are some qualities we look for in a teacher. Commitment to the children, to the subject, to the philosophy is what makes us special.

The Yellow Train Teacher is unique, we hold within us a light and hope for the children in our care. We provide the soil for them to grow, learn and nourish themselves.

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