and just what is an Open Day?

It is 8.30 AM. You walk into the gates of Yellow Train. You see a sober gray building and acres of farm land stretching beyond it. There is an earthly stillness all around you. The slight morning breeze carrying the scent of the amla grooves calms your soul.

You see our white school vans and singing children inside it arrive at the gate. Our children give a giggle when they see the new comer, you, and rush to our farm house for their breakfast and fresh morning gossip. You giggle along and walk behind them. The soft idlys and piping hot sambar tingle your tongue. Our helper akkas invite you for breakfast. You shake your head and half-heartedly say ‘No’. But you are very tempted. You walk out of the farm house to stop yourself from asking for a plate!

You walk back to the school. On the first wall to your left, you find a portrait of the reason the school exists; the aspiration of each soul working in the school, be it our founder, teacher akkas, or helper annas. And you feel a warmth take root inside you.

a school founded on Love for children

When you are waiting on the cosy tables in our office room, you hear the soothing songs of the YT teachers’ morning Sanga. Out walks our charismatic program coordinator who greets and welcomes you to our Open Day. You then walk with her to the morning assembly circle. You get the curious eye of every little child standing there. And then someone chuckles and the next thing you know is the whole assembly erupting in laughter. What a start to a good day. You sing and move with the children. You clap and smile. You become a child again.

For the next one hour, you walk into the classes, sit along with our children in chowkis, and listen to our akkas passionately impart knowledge to the young minds. You watch our children build machines, tune their microscopes and explore cells and tissues, solve Rubik’s cube with ease and play numbers, design houses and office spaces, discuss history and its consequences, decode the atlas and discover new lands, explore the working of the digestive system and human brains, soak in Shakespeare, and create art. And now you know how real learning happens.

The 10.30 Am break bell rings and our helper akkas serve you hot tea. As you sip the tea, you observe the award winning architecture of our school. Little hideouts, tunnels and caves, slides and pathways, space to run around, trees, plants, and shrubs, fresh air, and the yellow sun. You breathe in deep and breathe it out. You close your eyes and smile. You wish you had spent your childhood here.

‘Hello!’ A warm voice and a sincere smile welcome you. You meet our founder. She walks you to the presentation hub for a little talk. And what a talk it is! You understand how effective our academic structure is; how we shape the young minds; how discipline is enforced through love; how sharp our children are; how much effort and training each teacher undergoes. And you realise that the love for children is not just on the posters on the walls and their beautiful messages, but that it is the very soul of the school. That it is the aspiration and passion of every teacher. That it is what every child deserves.

Our 12 PM Silence Bell rings. And the entire school is soaked in peace. As the calm soothes your being, you experience children relish an unhurried childhood. And you know why, in his life, you want your child to take the Yellow Train.

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