A Yellow Train PTI


It is a year’s work.

Dedication, hard work, sincerity, passion, honesty, preparations, learning, training, observing, pondering, breaking down, getting back up, hopes, dreams, plans, visions, ideas, efforts. And above all, our Love for Children.

And on the last day of the academic year, the last day of school, what do we get? Children who are blossoming and joyous, deep and mature, talented and loved. Parents who are deeply happy and proud for what their child is. Akkas and annas who are both honoured and filled with bliss for the privilege to work with the child and for seeing the impact their love and hard work can have on a soul.

For the akkas and annas at Yellow Train, of all the events in the school calendar, the yearend PTI is the most precious affair. For it is the occasion of celebrating children for what they’ve become from where they started.

Our reports start from the first day of school. And we record all the milestones of the child – his tantrums and little joys, his strengths and difficulties, his kindness and skills, his academic performance and sports, his art and handwork, and every other tiny detail of the progress the child has made. And unlike most other schools, our PTIs deeply involve the child. We prepare questionnaires that ask the child his feelings about the gone year and his aspirations for the next year. And 100% of the times, children tell the truth, because unlike most other schools, children are not scared of the akkas, or of anyone. For in Yellow Train, all of us are free human beings.

But we would like to be honest here.
Is every child happy with how the year has passed? No. Does every parent leave the PTI with proud, puffed-up chests? No. Does every akka and anna feel that all their efforts paid off? No.

Much like life, not all of our efforts and love lead us to success. We do have our struggles. But what’s different in Yellow Train is that we don’t brush them under the carpet. We deal with them. And our reports include that too. The struggles that the child is going through. The methods that we’ve tried to help him overcome that. What’s working and what’s not. And when the child or the parent is not happy with something, we receive it with an open mind, analyse if we’ve made mistakes, and if we have, figure out ways to correct them and get them sorted.

Like one parent who put it, rather perfectly: the first person we met during our first visit to Yellow Train was Santhya akka. She was kind and warm. And her love for children was very much palpable. Very real. We wished that she could be our child’s teacher. But when we enrolled my daughter and the classes started, we realised that every akka, every anna, the helper akkas, the driver annas, the akkas who serve food, the annas who open the gate, every single one of them was kind and warm. And every single one of them loved children.

For a school striving to grow free human beings, what more could we ask for?
Yesterday, was yet another year completed successfully. Yet another PTI that reinforced that we are doing a work of significance. And we can’t be more proud.

Here’s to the children who open up to us. To the akkas and annas loving with all their heart and working with all their might. To parents who place their trust in us and their most precious possessions, children, in our care. Here’s to the decades and decades of fulfilling PTIs yet to come.

With Joy and Love,
Team YT

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