take the Yellow Train to an Indian Summer


Come. Experience the Indian Summer at Yellow Train.We invite you to register at the earliest at 8220291777 … Do refer your friends and families too…

As the juicy mangoes melted our soul
And the coconut water nourished our yearn
As the sun drenched our skins dark
As the moon lived longer
In my grandmother’s house
I spent a summer month…

Have you ever felt gutted that your child could not experience summer the way you did in the good old days? All those lovely grandma stories, songs of the summer, traditional snacks that melt in your tongue, and play in the open air.

We did. We felt gutted for our children who miss the delicacies of a true Indian Summer. And we did what we always do. We recreated the forgotten magic.

There are grandmas around. They narrate stories. They sing songs and dance along. And sometimes, during all this hullabaloo, their wigs fall!

Then there are games. The games that set off laughter, those that make us squeal, clapping and shouting, running and cheering. 5 Kallu, Pallankuzhi, Pambaram, Chozhi, Nondi, and Paandi are only few of the many.

And then, there are things to eat! Ice lollies, Paanagam, Aam panna, MangaiVadagam, and Masala – all that would treat your tongues and your senses.

It is summer before the advent of gadgets and video games stole children’s laughter. A summer borrowed from our generation’s childhood, contributing to children’s gross and fine motor skill development. A summer your child will want to live in forever.

Summer Camp Dates for both the groups: April 11 to April 27 (April 14- Holiday)
Junior Group: 3 – 6 years
Senior Group: 7 to 10 years
Timing: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Fee: Rs.3500 / Child

We begin our day with games outdoors. Every day has a new treat… Some of the games they would play are Woodcutter, Ostritch, MedaPallama, Nondi, Crocodile… then we come indoors and we do a fun morning play on summer with songs, games and movements in it. We would then do a variety of age appropriate activities like cooking (vadagams, ice lollies, making mango pickle, paanagam etc. ), pottery, tie and dye, stitching etc… Indoor play materials will include pallankuzhi, 5 kallu, kolam kit, snake and ladder, dhaayam, Chozhietc… What is summer without stories… We have a variety of grandma stories in the summer theme that we would narrate to children through puppets or by aunties who dress up as characters for the stories or as grandmas who narrate the story …


Summer Camp Dates for Super Senior Group: April 18 to April 22
Super Senior Group: 9 to 13 years
Timing: Residential 4 nights/5 days; April
Fee: Rs.6000 / Child

Be…..a free human being and get in touch with Nature at our scenic campus nestled in a gooseberry farm. Pet and play with our fowls and meet our friendly cows.

Become……a new you. Pick a “cool” name you always wanted to have and rename yourself!!! Hello Hermione and Messi….

Come……. join us in celebrating the holidays with fun nature walks, mindfulness, quiet reflections, and journaling.

Shoot… your first ever film with your own direction, script, story and the entire works.

Create……. lovely personal artifacts from wood, portraits, bean bags, magnetic compasses, nature bracelets, Board games on the floor.

Get Ready….as we go bouncing on the trampoline, or shooting scores into the baskets or kicking into the goal posts at Decathlon.

Devour……captivating books and share your favourites with your camp mates.

Bring …your favourite recipes. A cook out is a must at the camp!!!

There will also be hula hoop hideouts, listening to and narrating stories as the day comes to a closure, and we snuggle with buddies under the star studded night sky.

Let the fun begin… connect with your camp buddy over the phone or email as soon as you register and rise to the challenge of recognizing him/her on the first day of camp.

Program Offering:

Film Making, Sports at Decathlon, Woodwork, Beanbag, Cookout, Book Reviews, Reading, Journal Writing, Birding…

At the end of the workshop your child would be bringing home,
A short film
A bean bag
Wooden Tic Tac board/photo frame
Hand-made journal
….all of this made by themselves.

Along with a lot of wonderful memories of Sporty days at Decathlon, baking bread, stories, and some new friendships.

Limited seats available. Call 8220291777 to register.

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