The Kindergarten Teacher’s Sangha

“These children have lived in spiritual realms before coming down to earth and it is our task and responsibility to rightly guide what the eternal being willed by incarnating them in an earthly body” – Rudolf Steiner

This is the contemplation with which the teacher begins her day each morning at the Kindergarten. It reveals the central premise of the kindergarten that these children are spiritual beings and as a teacher it is important to hold this aspect as central to all the work that we do in the kindergarten, the way we treat the children in the kindergarten and the way we present ourselves to the child. This establishes the context of the need to treat children with reverence and love.
Rudolf Steiner gives an indication that 0-7 the children are beings of imitation and they learn about the world and how to live in it purely by imitation.
So what is the environment that we want to create, what is the nature of work that we must do and how should the teacher be so that children can imitate. And in imitation they can learn how to be and what to do.
We will share more on this…

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